About Us

Here at eSurvivalShop we have a team of outdoor enthusiasts with skills in outdoor survival. And when it comes to survival, the most important step is to be prepared.  Have a plan  to cover the “what-if’s” and have the tools to cover your basic needs of food, water, and health. Having those items on hand can mean a lot in terms of health and safety. Let us here at eSurvivalShop help you be prepared!

Additionally, eSurvivalShop products can be used for backpacking trips or other outdoor excursions! 

When you purchase a product from us we encourage you to test it out and become familiar with how it works allowing you to be prepared for a survival situation when it occurs.

We strive for continuous improvement in our product line and appreciate your feedback should you have comments or questions after using your eSurvivalShop products. 

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