The backpack comes with all your essential gear to get you through and emergency situation for 24-72 hours.
-40L military grade backpack
-Water Filtration
-Food and Cooking Kit
-eSurvival Shop Medical Kit
-Hand Crank Radio
-N95 Mask
-50ft 550 lb. paracord
-Work Gloves
-Mini Sewing kit



This survival pack comes with all the essential items for a person to endure a survival situation. The backpack is the eSurvivalShop large military backpack with 40-liter capacity. The pack comes equipped with our standard survival kit, medical bag, water filtration system, hand crank radio, cooking set, two day food pack, work gloves, M3 Mask, sewing kit, emergency blanket, paracord 550lb (50 feet). All the essential items you need to successfully survive in an emergency situation.


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