Survival Medical Kit


Survival Medical Kit Description:

The medical kit comes in a tactical style black bag with internal pocket and elastic bands to hold in all the supplies in a organized manner. The comes complete with a variety of sterile bandages, gauze pads, wrap, alcohol prep pads, triple antiseptic ointment, latex free gloves and a variety of medicines. The medical kit also comes with a 4 inch medical shears, 4 inch metal tweezers, 6 inch Israeli bandage and medical tourniquet.

1-tactical medical pouch (7.5x6x2-inch),
6-flex-fabric bandages (3×3/4-inch),
2-flex-fabric knuckle bandages,
4-medium butterfly bandages,
4-small gauze pads (2×2 inch),
1-roll self-adhesive wrap (2-inch x 5 yards),
1-pair non-latex gloves,
6-sterile alcohol prep pads,
2-packets of triple antibiotic ointment,
2-packets of non-aspirin pain reliever (acetaminophen 500mg per packet),
2-packets of ibuprofen (200mg per packet),
2-packets of anti-diarrheal medicine (hydrochloride 2mg per packet),
1-medical shears with safety tip (4-inch),
1-metal medical tweezers (4.75-inch),
1-Israeli bandage (6-inch),
1-medical tourniquet



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